So you’ve enjoyed a casual kick around with your mates and you’ve all agreed you are ready to take on some serious opposition!

Time to step up to one of our five-a-side leagues and take things a little more seriously. You can choose between Competitive and Social. Keep it friendly and low key with one of our Social leagues open to male, female and mixed teams or put an end to the sledging and rivalry amongst your mates and test them in one of our Competitive leagues.

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that your five-a-side experience will be a rewarding one, as our Football FIVE5 team take care of everything from the scheduling of fixtures, results, balls, referees… the lot! All you need to do is turn up, play football and let the results do the talking for you and your team.

All leagues run for 8-14 weeks, inclusive of final week playoffs.


Age Restrictions Within Social Competitions 

In the interests of duty of care for younger players, please note that to participate in a senior competition a player must be turning 17 and over in the current calendar year to register.


League Types


Football FIVE5 offers Social leagues for a variety of ages and for both male, female and mixed teams. If you are not a regular player or simply wish to take your football a little less seriously, then this is the league for you. Our social leagues will allow you to really enjoy the fun aspect that five a side football provides. Get a group of friends together, register your team and enjoy an exciting new social experience that will keep you fit and healthy, all whilst having fun!


If you take your sport a little more seriously than a ‘kick and giggle’, then perhaps our Competitive comps are more your style. Our Competitive leagues are for those who may already play football at club level or those who take a ‘kick around with mates’ a little more seriously. Now Football FIVE5 provides the perfect opportunity to get your mates together and take on some opposition and put your reputation on the line. No more sledging and harmless rivalry, here’s your chance to get your mates together to see who can actually walk the talk!


Leagues Schedule

Winter Leagues

Men’s Women’s Mixed




Winter League Dates

4th June 2018 – 6th September 2018



League Type Team Registration Fee Weekly Match Fee
Senior FREE! $80


For your convenience, you have the option to choose between two payment options that best suit your personal circumstances. You have the option to pay week-to-week, paying your weekly match fee on arrival at the facility prior to kick off. Alternatively, for greater convenience, we offer the opportunity to pay upfront for your league which allows you to simply turn up ready to play. The choice is yours.


How to Register a Team

Registering a team is easy! Follow the steps below.

  1. Decide which league is the best match for your team.
    2. Click Register A Team below.
    3. Click on the league type you’ve decided to register your team to.
    4. Complete the registration form.
    5. Pay the team registration fee.
    6. Invite your team members to register as players. 



How to Register as a Player

  1. Retrieve the team code from your team captain.
    2. Click Register as a Player below.
    3. Enter your details.