1. When are the leagues held?
Senior competitions are held Monday – Thursday all year round.
Youth competitions (U12-U16) are held Tuesday/Thursday for Spring/Summer Leagues (September – December).
Fast FIVE5 (U6-U11) are held Saturdays between October and December.

2. Can I choose what night of the week I play?
Yes, if there is a vacancy you can join right away, if not you may choose another night.

3. Do I need to have a team already or can you team me up with players?
It is better if you have a team, but if not we can place your details on our database and introduce you to teams that are looking for additional players to form a team.

4. Are referees included?
Every game is refereed by a fully qualified match official.

5. How many teams are there in each division?
Most divisions consist of eight teams, although some leagues may vary.

6. How long is a season?
A standard season will last between 10-14 weeks.

7. Is there promotion and relegation at the end of each season?
Football FIVE5 competitions do not have promotion and relegation.

8. How do I know what League to enter my team in?
We will ensure that your team plays in the correct league based on our league guidelines. It’s important that when registering your team you select a league that is challenging and suits the ability of your team.

9. How many players can my team use for a game?
For 5 a side league a maximum of 10 players may be used.

10. How many players can my team use throughout a season?
Teams may register up to 10 players and no player can be registered to more than one team in the same league division. Players may not transfer their registration to a team in the same division during the course of a season.

11. Do my players need to wear shin pads?
Yes, shin pads are compulsory to participate at Football FIVE5.

12. What footwear should we wear?
Training shoes or moulded boots – NO screw in studded footwear or metal cleats.

13. Do we need to wear uniforms?
Premier leagues must wear matching uniforms including shirts, shorts and socks. Competitive, Social, Mixed and Youth leagues must wear shirts matching of colour as a minimum.

14. Is prize money awarded to the winners?
Yes, we currently offer a prize of pizza and drinks for winning teams in their competition. No cash prizes are awarded to any winners.

15. Can my team join a league mid-season?
Yes, providing there is a vacancy available.

16. Am I covered by insurance when playing Football FIVE5?
Yes,  on the same terms as winter outdoor. Players should be reminded that insurance is their own responsibility and should seek advice on their particular circumstances. For more information on insurance coverage click HERE