When it comes to what people wear for 5-a-side, we have seen some dubious choices which is why we have compiled the to FIVE5 fashion crimes you can commit at 5-a-side.

Just remember as you read them, it’s only a bit of fun.  The question is, how many are you guilty of?

1. Track Pants

There’s always that one player who never wears shorts. People speculate over why this might be – “is there something wrong with their legs?”, “maybe they’re hiding a dodgy tattoo they had done on holiday to Bali…”. Whatever the reason, they turn up each week in track pants. This is guaranteed to either make them look like MC Hammer, a builder, or an entertaining mix of both.


2. Wearing shin pads with short sports socks

Just don’t.


3. Wearing a base layer only

Base layers might be one of the most useful inventions over the last decade. Lightweight, comfortable and warm, there are a lot of benefits for athletes. You have to question, however, whether the manufacturers had intended for people to wear them as an outer layer. Even if you are ripped like Rambo (you’re not), you look ridiculous.


4. The smelly kit

There’s no excuse to turn up wearing stinky kit. If your 5-a-side kit hasn’t been introduced to a washing machine since the last time you played, it’s time it got reacquainted.


5. Casual Clothing

There’s always that person who thinks they don’t need a proper pair of football shoes to play. This delusional individual will wing-it wearing casual shoes, usually Vans or the like. It seems that they had misread the invite to play football for one to audition as the 6th member (or is it 5th?) of One Direction. Likely also to pair this with shorts and a shirt which would be more suitable for a summer picnic, rather than a game of football.

You have come to play football, dress like it.