Five-a-side football is not just reliant on the skill of your players, good organisation and playing smart will be a determining factor on whether you are competitive or easily defeated.

The following formations are Top FIVE5  most common set-ups used in five-a-side football.

The Square  



+ Provides a balance between attacking and defending.
+ Ensures that defense and the attack have support at all times.


– Can be defensively weak if defenders commit forward and attackers are unwilling to track back.
– It may be unclear which of the attackers should support the defense and which defender should support the attack.

The Pyramid



+ Frees up one outright striker who can focus on attacking
+ The midfielder provides defensive support, allowing for defenders to commit forward.
+ Having two defenders makes it clear that if one goes forward the other should be sitting back.


– The two defenders sit back and do not provide attacking support..
– The midfield players fitness will be tested providing support to both defense and attack.

The Diamond



+ Provides clear roles. There is clearly one player with the main defensive responsibility and one with the main attacking responsibility.
+ Two midfielders are able to support both attack and defense, allowing either to burst forward to join the attack with the other sitting back.


– Defense can be exposed if both midfielders focus too much on attack.
– The two midfield players need to be fit, mobile, and know when to defend or attack.

The Y


+ Useful for playing against weaker teams or when goals are required.
+ One player at the back as last man should mean confusion-free responsibility for defending.
+ Better if played with a high pressing game.

– If the attackers are not committed to getting back when on the defense and won’t play the pressing game then this will leave your team badly exposed.

The What’s A Formation?
Formation none


+ Great for teams who are focused on enjoying themselves
+ Freedom for all players
+ Everyone has a chance to score!


– You will concede a bucket load of goals
– You will constantly be exposed

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